Table 1

Classification of drug-related problems (DRPs)

Drug indicated but not prescribedPrevious or new conditions lack medication according to national/international guidelines
Unnecessary drugLack of indication for a drug, or two drugs in the same therapeutic group prescribed
Inappropriate drugInappropriate drug for a disease or condition. Absolute or relative contraindication to a particular drug
Dosage modifications required (dose too high, too low or at the wrong time)Dose too high, too low or given at the wrong time according to guidelines. Patients’ kidney and liver function, age, weight and other individual differences are taken into consideration
Inappropriate route/method of administration usedRoute or method of administration are inappropriate due to pharmacokinetic properties of the drug and the patient’s condition
Adverse drug reactionsClinically relevant reaction to a drug could be expected or potentially already in progress
InteractionsClinically relevant interactions both between drugs and drugs and food/salts/minerals according to different interaction databases
Aberrant use of drugDrug is not given as prescribed by the doctor
Monitoring modifications requiredMonitoring according to effect and toxicity are missing according to guidelines
Unclear and missing ordination/documentationWrong dose/drug prescribed or drug missing due to transfer errors between the handwritten charts from one day to the other or other documentation errors
Other problems not otherwise specifiedTreatment discussions that include more than one problem or DRP that cannot be put in any other category