TableĀ 2

Drug related problems (DRPs) based on the Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe (PCNE) V.6.2 classification scheme

Classification of DRPsDRP code
V 6.2
CauseNo. (%) of DRPs (n=184)
Drug selectionC1.1Inappropriate drug39 (21.1)
C1.2No indication for drug19 (9.6)
C1.3Inappropriate combination of drug, drugs and food30 (15.2)
C1.4Inappropriate duplication of therapeutic group or active ingredient3 (1.6)
C1.8Synergistic/preventive drug required and not given5 (2.6)
Drug formC2.1Inappropriate drug form30 (15.2)
Dose selectionC3.1Drug dose too low5 (2.5)
C3.4Dosage regimen too frequent4 (2)
C3.7Deterioration/improvement of disease state requiring dosage adjustment34 (17.1)
Treatment durationC4.1Duration of treatment too short4 (2)
C4.2Duration of treatment too long11 (5.9)