Table 1

Medicines taken by elderly falls patients

n=100 patientsOn admissionAt discharge*Difference
No. of regular medicines679733+54
No. of FRM11291−21 (p=0.004)
Patients on ≥1 FRM6560−5
% of all medicines that are FRM16.4%12.4%−4%
Mean FRM/patient reviewed n=821.190.939−0.26
Mean FRM/patient reviewed with pharmacist involved n=451.440.91−0.53 (p=0.002)
FRM per patient not reviewed n=18†0.770.770
  • *Including four patients who died in hospital.

  • †Includes three patients on no medicines from admission through to discharge therefore not reviewed in this context.

  • FRM, falls-risk medicine.