Table 1

Characteristics of cases with acute pancreatitis and controls from 2000 to 2011

Variablen(%)n(%)p Value*
Age group (years)0.80
Age (years), mean (SD)†59.4(14.3)59.0(14.6)0.47
 Never use1300(89.7)2238(90.3)
 Current use52(3.6)90(3.6)
 Late use97(6.7)151(6.1)
Other antihypertensive agents0.006
 Never use81(5.59)197(7.95)
 Ever use1368(94.41)2282(92.05)
Comorbidities before index date
 Alcohol-related disease154(10.6)191(7.70)0.002
 Biliary stone383(26.4)563(22.7)0.009
 Cardiovascular disease623(43.0)1048(42.3)0.66
 Chronic kidney disease93(6.42)100(4.03)<0.001
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease364(25.1)596(24.0)0.45
 Diabetes mellitus367(25.3)567(22.9)0.08
 Hepatitis B68(4.69)55(2.22)<0.001
 Hepatitis C58(4.00)45(1.82)<0.001
  • Data are presented as the number of subjects in each group with percentages given in parentheses, or mean with SD given in parentheses.

  • 2 test.

  • †t test comparing subjects with and without acute pancreatitis.

  • ‡Fisher exact test.