Table 3

Annual average costs for biotherapy acquisition and care for a rheumatoid arthritis patient with adalimumab, etanercept, originator infliximab or biosimilar infliximab: 2012 and 2015 calculated costs (data from the Alsace population24)

Annual average cost (€) for biotherapy acquisition to treat a single rheumatoid arthritis patient (mean±SD)Annual average cost (€) to support a rheumatoid arthritis patient, including direct medical and non-medical costs* (mean±SD)
BiotherapyData 20122015 Calculated costsData 20122015 Calculated costs
11 630±235610 495±212614 116±373612 981±3602
11 437±266910 650±248614 338±418713 551±4081
Originator infliximab
10 345±51259311±461316 480±667715 445±6288
Biosimilar infliximab
5773±286011 907±5120
  • *Direct medical and non-medical costs include hospitalisation, visits to physicians (general practitioner or specialist), nurse visits, laboratory tests, radiology examinations, physiotherapy and transport expenses.