Table 5

Patient counselling for new medicines

n (%)
Patient received counselling on the following points
 How to use the medicine(s) (n=27)25 (93)
 What new medicine(s) are for (n=27)24 (89)
 Benefits of new medicine(s) (n=26)23 (88)
 When to use the medicine(s) (n=26)22 (85)
 Whether further supplies are needed (n=26)19 (73)
 How to obtain further supplies (n=26)15 (58)
 Side effects of medicine(s) (n=26)15 (58)
Healthcare professional patient was counselled by (n=32) n (%)*
 Consultant15 (47)
 Nurse11 (34)
 Other doctor9 (28)
 Pharmacist4 (13)
 No one2 (6)
 Do not know1 (3)
  • *Categories not mutually exclusive.