Table 3

Indication and use of gastroprotective drugs in patients admitted for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)-induced gastropathy

With gastroprotective criteria* No gastroprotective criteria
Mode of NSAID indicationPatients, n (%)n (%)With gastroprotection, n (%)p Valuen (%)With gastroprotection, n (%)p Value
Medical prescription43 (69.4)34 (79.1)16† (47.1)0.3459 (20.9)2 (22.2)0.086
Self-medication19 (30.6)7 (36.8)2 (28.6)12 (63.2)
  • *Patients with at least one of the following risk criteria (relevant risk factors): age >60 years (age risk factor); personal medical history of peptic ulcer with/without complication (history risk factor); and concomitant use of other NSAIDs, systemic corticosteroids, oral anticoagulants or platelet aggregation inhibitors (concomitant medication risk factor).

  • †In three of these patients some of the prescribed gastroprotective treatment containers were registered as ‘non-dispensed’ in the electronic medication history during NSAID intake.