Table 1

Characteristics of the responding hospital pharmacists

Average number of years in practice16.314.5
Involvement in drug purchasing decisions
 Make decisions independently24%13%
 Make decisions jointly with others76%87%
Involvement in generic drug purchasing
 Make decisions independently39%37%
 Make decisions jointly with others61%63%
Involvement in determining which intravenous iron products are available on formulary
 Make decisions independently19%11%
 Make decisions jointly with others81%89%
 Another person decides0%0%
Involvement in setting guidelines/protocols for intravenous iron products
 Make decisions independently13%7%
 Make decisions jointly with others86%90%
 Another person decides1%3%
Involvement in price negotiations for use of intravenous iron products
 Make decisions independently66%69%
 Make decisions jointly with others23%24%
 Another person decides11%7%