Table 2

Validation results of pharmaceutical formulation F1 and F2

Repeatability tR (%R.SD)*<1%
Repeatability area (%R.SD)*0.160.320.160.32X<1%
Number of theoretical plates2 4997 8922 4997 892-
Tailing factor*–1.5
Precision (%R.SD)†3.553.542.131.52X<5%
Linearity (correlation coefficient)‡0.99901.00000.99901.0000R≥0.9990
Accuracy recovery (%)†103.48104.35100.83102.56X=100% ± 5%
Accuracy (%R.SD)†0.610.361.751.84X<5%
SelectivityNo interferenceNo interferenceNo interference
  • *The results are the arithmetic means of six injections.

  • †Six samples, three injections of each sample.

  • ‡At 40, 50, 80, 100, 120 and 150% concentration levels.

  • FUR, furosemide; FUR X, formulations with various excipients; MP, methylparaben; %R.SD, relative SD in %.