Table 3

Most common medication discrepancies when medication lists were compared prior to admission, during hospital stay and after discharge from hospital

Omission/commission‚ÄČof medicinesIntervention group, n (%)Control group, n (%)Examples
Omission of medicines at admission to hospital47 (65%)63 (62%)Salbutamol, acetaminophen, theophylline, zopiclone, warfarin, prednisolone
Commission of medicines at admission to hospital8 (11%)17 (17%)Mainly on-demand medicines, but also regular medicines such as simvastatin and ramipril
New or discontinued medicines not followed up in primary care17 (21%)21 (24%)Escitalopram, omeprazole, insulin, oxycodone, digoxin, acetylsalicylic acid, warfarin, alendronate
Total medication discrepancies omission/commission of medicines72 (100%)101 (100%)