Table 2

Results of the assessment of the 10 questions of the Likert scale satisfaction survey (second section): patients' perceptions of specific aspects of care Scoring is as follows: 1 = very dissatisfied; 2 = dissatisfied; 3 = neutral; 4 = satisfied; 5 = very satisfied.

Survey itemNumber of responsesSatisfaction scores
The signs and posters are suitable47410.5%14.3%17.1%43.0%15.0%
The waiting room is comfortable and appropriate4756.1%13.9%24.6%45.3%10.1%
The opening hours of clinics are appropriate4727.6%13.3%10.0%55.3%13.8%
The waiting time for being attended is satisfactory4709.6%19.1%16.8%43.6%10.9%
Confidentiality conditions are suitable4674.9%1.9%9.2%53.5%30.4%
The time from the prescription until its dispensation in clinic is satisfactory4714.5%3.2%8.9%54.1%29.3%
OPh staff’s personal treatment is adequate4753.2%1.3%2.7%39.2%53.7%
The amount of time that the pharmacist dedicates to me in the clinic is adequate4752.7%1.7%5.3%45.3%45.1%
I have been clearly informed about my treatment4753.2%2.7%7.8%45.1%41.3%
Any doubts I have raised about  my treatment have been resolved4723.6%0.8%10.4%44.7%40.5%
  • OPh, outpatient hospital pharmacy.