Table 1

Distribution (proportion in percentages) of failure modes, adverse events and causes across the different areas identified during risk identification (respect to total failure modes, adverse events and causes).

Area (subprocess)Proportion of failures (%) (n=99)Proportion of AEs (%) (n=80)Proportion of causes (%) (n=129)
Inpatient pharmaceutical care. UDDS*35.421.338.0
Outpatient pharmaceutical care and drug dispensing (outpatient unit)12.117.512.4
Pharmacy laboratory and area of pharmaceutical technology17.223.817.8
Intravenous drugs and nutrition (area of compounding)
Clinical trials4.03.81.6
Medicine management15.213.812.4
  • *UDDS: unit-dose dispensing system.

  • AE, adverse events, UDDS, unit dose dispensing system.