Table 1

Competencies for hospital pharmacists based on the competency framework of the Common Training Framework

Scientific knowledge
Patient focusMedicines focus
Patient care and clinical pharmacy skills competencies Medicines and their use related competencies
 1. Patient consultation 6. Development, production, analyses and control of medicines
 2. Medicine, medication safety and medical devices issues 7. Provision of medicines and medical devices
 3. Information and communication 8. Medicine and medical devices information and patient education
 4. Providing information 9. Monitoring medicines therapy and medical devices
 5. Expert practice 10. Interface management
Management knowledge
System focusPractice focus
Management competenciesProfessional competencies
 11. Procurement and management of medicines and medical devices 17. Professionalism
 12. Hospital and medication safety management 18. Effective communication skills
 13. Collaborative work 19. Team work
 14. Clinical governance 20. Organisation
 15. Staff management 21. Service provision
 16. Development and research 22. Costs systems
 23. Training other healthcare professionals
 24. Leadership development