Table 1

Surface bioburden expressed as mean cfu per ampoule or vial in 10 hospital pharmacies after one-step LP disinfection and in an experimental setting after one-step TT disinfection

Plastic ampoulesGlass ampoulesInjection vialsAll kinds of containers
Mean cfu*SDMean cfu*SDMean cfu*SDMean cfu*SD
one-step LP0.36 (n=100)1.150.50 (n=90)0.940.29 (n=100)1.070.38 (n=290)1.06
one-step TT0.03 (n=30)0.180.20 (n=30)0.410.13 (n=30)0.430.12 (n=90)0.36
  • *cfu determined by contact plate.

  • cfu, colony-forming unit; n, number of samples examined; p, p value; one-step LP is reference group.