Table 3

Statements indicated by staff to be true of patients with penicillin allergy labels when compared with those who do not have such a penicillin allergy label

AnswersResponse rate (n), 
Have an increased risk of Clostridioides difficile-associated diarrhoea. This is true. 51.8% (88)
Are prescribed antibiotics that cost less. This is false. 2.4% (4)
Have lower readmission rates to hospital. This is false. 2.4% (4)
Have higher incidence of treatment failure. This is true. 72.4% (123)
Have increased inpatient length of stay. This is true.59.4% (101)
Have similar rates of mortality. This is false. 18.8% (32)
Have increased rates of multidrug-resistant infections. This is true. 78.2% (133)
Experience less antibiotic side effects. This is false. 4.7% (8)