Table 2

Outcome summary table from Study 2

Study outcomesMeasurementTimepoint
BaselinePre-discharge6 weeks12 weeks
Primary outcome
 Treatment beliefsBMQ-S15 XXXX
Secondary outcomes
 Necessity beliefsNecessity 1-itemXXXX
 ConcernsConcerns 1-itemXXXX
 Medicines-related self-efficacySelf-efficacy 1-itemXXXX
 Perceived illness durationTimeline 1-item19 XXXX
 DepressionPHQ-223 XX
 Medicines-related information satisfactionSIMS25 X
 Medication adherenceMARS-521 XX
 Medicines-related self-efficacySEAMS27 X
Feasibility outcomes
 Participant uptake% of eligible participants that consentedX
 Participant retention% of consented participants to complete studyX
  • BMQ-S, Beliefs about Medicines Questionnaire-Specific; MARS-5, Medication Adherence Report Scale 5; PHQ-2, Patient Health Questionnaire-2; SEAMS, Self-Efficacy for Appropriate Medication Use Scale; SIMS, Satisfaction with Information about Medicines Scale.