Table 2

Rate of errors extracted from studies

AuthorDenominatorNAll infusions >1 error (%)Adjusted to/1000 infusionsWeighted mean/1000 administrations
CousinsObserved infusions273185 (67.8)678463
Ghaleb*Observed medication preparation and administration155485 (5.5)5538
O’HareObserved infusions179168 (94)940643
TaxisObserved infusions430212 (49.3)493337
WirtzObserved infusions14034 (24.3)243166
Total2576684Mean errors=265 (95% CI 249 to 288)Weighted mean errors=101 (95% CI 84 to 121)
  • *Data reported all types of error but certain intravenous error types were extractable and are presented.