Table 1

Overview of the ingredients constituting the total parenteral nutrition (TPN) admixture prepared at the local hospital pharmacy, and drugs and concentration tested in simulated Y-site

Product typeNameManufacturerLot number
3-in-1 TPN admixture for peripheral or central admini-stration *Preterm regimen from 4 days of age containing:
 VaminolacFresenius Kabi16HK0133; 16HB0237
 Glucose 500 mg/mLFresenius Kabi121AH31; 12HKH17
 Water for injectionLocal pharmacy14L08BD; 15B24BH
 GlycophosFresenius Kabi12HKL28; 12HFL27
 Magnesium sulfate 1 mmol/mLB. Braun15035012; 14377012
 Potassium chloride 1 mmol/mLB. Braun144118091; 14423012; 14251013
 Calcium chloride 1 mmol/mLB. Braun15155036; 14412035; 13503035
 Smoflipid* Fresenius Kabi16HK0062
Trace elementsPeditraceFresenius Kabi12HFL07, 12HLL97
VitaminsSoluvit* Fresenius Kabi10IB6649, 10HM4571
water soluble
Vitamins lipid solubleVitalipid Infant*Fresenius Kabi10HA2297; 10HK2215
DrugsAmpicillin sodium 50 mg/mLBristol-Myers Squibb3C02634, 4L02584, 5C03610, 3F02259, 3J01732
 Ceftazidime pentahydrate 40 mg/mLFresenius Kabi18H3210
 Fluconazole 2 mg/mLB. Braun13212418, 14384404
 Fosphenytoin sodium 10 mg/mL (given in phenytoin sodium equivalents)PfizerJ76024, H74522, L58188
 Furosemide 2 mg/mLNycomed, Takeda10820264
L1057442, 10992853
 Metronidazole 5 mg/mLB. Braun143448131, 131218131
 Paracetamol 10 mg/mLB. Braun
Fresenius Kabi
  • *For precipitation testing the lipid emulsion was substituted with water for injection and vitamins were omitted.