Table 5

Conditions with verified stability data for refrigerated storage followed by a minimum run-out period of 24 hours at standard ‘room temperature’ or ‘warmer climate’ conditions

Class DrugDose in 240 mLDiluentRefrigeratedStandard room temperatureWarmer climate (34°C)
PenicillinsAmoxicillinNil data
Ampicillin2.88 g (10 mmol/L NaPO4buffer)NS48 hours24 hours at 25°CNil data
Benzylpenicillin7.2–14.4 g (citrate buffer)NS7 days24 hours at 37°C
Flucloxacillin12–28.8 g (PO4 buffer)NS, SWFI6 days24 hours at 37°C
CephalosporinsCefepime5.76 g5D7 days24 hours at ‘room temperature’Nil data
24–48 gNS, 5D, SWFI7 days24 hours at 22°C–24°C
CefotaximeNil data
Cefoxitin9.6 gSWFI4 days24 hours at 37°C
CeftazidimeNot suitable for infusion due to build-up of pyridine
CarbapenemsDoripenemNil data
ErtapenemNil data
MeropenemNil data
Antipseudomonal penicillinsPiperacillin /tazobactam5.4–21.6 g
(Buffer and EDTA)
NS, 5D28 days72 hours at 23°CNil data
Ticarcillin /clavulanateNil data
  • 5D, 5% dextrose; NS, normal saline; SWFI, sterile water for injection.