Table 4

Experimental conditions verifying stability of selected antipseudomonal penicillins

Antipseudomonal penicillins AuthorsStudied (C)Dose in 240 mLDiluentConditions under which >90% stability is confirmed
Piperacillin (with tazobactam)
Arlicot, N, et al 3 10.1–55.7 mg/mL2.42–13.37gNS24 hours at 35°C
Donnelly, R33 22.5–90 mg/mL5.4–21.6gNS, 5DSEQ 28 days at 5°C then 72 hours at 23°C (buffer and EDTA)
Mathew, M, et al 60 3.375 g /50 mL16.2 gNS, 5D2 days at 25°C
Moon, Y S K, et al 61 168.75–225 mg/mL40.5–54 gNS, 5D24 hours at 25°C
Rigge, D C and M F Jones 34 45 mg/mL10.8 gNS21 days at 25°C (buffer)
Viaene, E, et al 20 128 g/L30.72 gSWFI24 hours at 25°C, and 24 hours at 37°C
Voumard, R, et al 40 56.25 g/L13.5 gNS24 hours at room temperature
Ticarcillin (with clavulanate)
Arlicot, N, et al 3 12.8–160 mg/mL3.07–38.4gNS24 hours at 35°C
  • 5D, 5% dextrose; SWFI, sterile water for injection.