Table 1

Summary of the issues found in the pharmaceutical care procedure by the clinical pharmacists

IssuesDetailsNumber of cases%
Improper drug usageTime error of insulin aspart (one case of medication half an hour before meal); time error of sodium levothyroxine medication (two cases of postprandial medication)310.30
Low compliancePoor blood sugar control caused by improper diet (four cases), exercise (two cases), and poor understanding of blood sugar care methods (one case); refusal to take propylthiouracil (one case); self-withdrawal of levothyroxine sodium (one case)933.30
Adverse reactionsMagnesium sulfate injection (one case of sweating and fever, one case of sweating and headache, one case of shortness of breath which is new general adverse reaction); ritodrine hydrochloride injection(one case of chest distress and palpitation, one case of hypokalemia); insulin injection (two cases of hypoglycemia, one case of local allergic reaction such as pruritus and swelling caused by suspected recombinant human insulin of protamine zinc, one case of hypokalemia, one case of abdominal distention which new general adverse reactions of protamine zinc recombinant human insulin or insulin dieter); propylthiouracil (one case of damage of liver function).1147.83