Table 1

Results of meta-analysis of ARC

95% CII2
P valueFigure
Total46882893.1390.62 to 95.0092.8<0.0001 Embedded Image
LocationWestern region12137992.8088.14 to 95.7282.6<0.0001
Central region12195087.3281.93 to 91.2885.8<0.0001
Eastern region22549995.7892.25 to 97.7495.7<0.0001
RankSecondary hospital14145093.9789.43 to 96.6484.1<0.0001
Tertiary hospital32737892.7489.46 to 95.0694.3<0.0001
RiskNon-resistant36722092.6389.63 to 94.8193.5<0.0001
Resistant10160894.3291.01 to 96.4559.60.0081
AgeA43828892.7990.07 to 94.8193.0<0.0001
C454095.9191.46 to 98.0944.90.1420
PhasePhase I12321989.2384.93 to 92.4284.5<0.0001
Phase II34560994.6391.60 to 96.6093.9<0.0001
  • A, adults and children; ARC, acceptance rate of consultation; C, children; N, number of studies; n, number of consultations; non-resistant, non-resistant bacteria infection; resistant, resistant bacteria infection; phase I, study time before 2011; phase II, study time after 2011. I2 and p value, results of heterogeneity test.