Table 5

Potentially inappropriate medication by Medication Appropriateness Index (MAI)

MAI criteriaQualitative values: patients affected (%)
1Is there an indication for the drug?20.0
2Is the medication effective for the condition?10.8
3Is the dosage correct?38.5
4Are the directions correct?0.0
5Are the directions practical?3.1
6Are there clinically significant drug–drug interactions?9.2
7Are there clinically significant drug–disease/condition interactions?40.0
8Is there unnecessary duplication with other drug(s)?26.2
9Is the duration of therapy acceptable?16.9
Total patients affected by some criteria by MAI criteria (%)90.8
Mean (SD) score at admission 4 (4.6)Mean (SD) score post-intervention 0.5 (2.6)p<0.001