Table 3

An example of how calculated projected drug requirement (expressed as singles) can be mapped to available stock from Trusts and wholesalers

Standard product descriptionProjected requirement (singles)/ ICU stay (12.4 days)Trust stock (singles)Wholesale stock (singles)Total stock (singles)No. of patients treatable with available stock (12.4 day ICU stay)
Atracuriumbesilate 250 mg/25 mL solution for injection vials1250501008.3
Atracuriumbesilate 25 mg/2.5 mL solution for injection ampoules11410002000300026.3
Atracuriumbesilate 50 mg/5 mL solution for injection ampoules57300040007000122.8
  • The approximate number of patients that can be treated with available stock can be calculated based on the treatment assumptions shown in table 1.The stock data is for illustration purposes only.