Table 4

An example section of the situation report showing red, amber or green (RAG) ratings according to the number of stock days of both individual product lines and the therapeutic group as a whole, currently and for an arbitrary projected surge of 90 patients

Neuromuscular blocking agents (NMBAs)
MoietyTrust stock (mg)Wholesaler stock (mg)Total stock (mg)Mg per patient per dayCurrent patient numberModel uptakeStock days
(current patient number)
(current patient number)
Stock Days (surge 90)RAG
(surge 90)
Atracurium800 000500800 50015007085%9.0Amber7.0Amber
Cisatracurium50 000500055 0006007085%1.5Red1.2Red
Rocuronium1 000 0001 500 0002 500 00014507085%29.0Green22.5Green
NMBAs Maintenance Group RAG:GREENGREEN
  • The stock data are for illustration purposes only.