Table 1

Search strategy of the systematic literature review on medication distribution systems in hospitals

#Search termBoolean operator
1Medication systems, Hospital (exp)
Medication systems (exp)
Medication ADJ3 system*
(Medication OR Drug) adj3 (dispens* OR distribut* OR administrat*)
2 (Medication OR drug OR dose) adj3 (trolley* OR cart*)
(Dispensing OR medication OR drug) ADJ3 cabinet*
Automated adj3 (drug OR medication OR dose) adj3 (dispens* OR distribut*)
Unit dose* OR multidose* OR multi-dose*
Bar code* medication administration (mp) OR BCMA NOT B-Cell (mp)
Radio Frequency Identification Device (exp) OR RFID (mp)
Drug therapy, computer-assisted (exp) OR Drug therap*, computer-assisted (mp)
Clinical pharmacy service (mp) OR Clinical ADj3 pharmac* ADJ3 service* (mp)
Pharmacy service, hospital (exp) OR hospital pharmacy service* (mp)
Pharmac* ADJ3 service* ADj3 hospital* (mp)
Pharmacy administration (exp) OR pharmacy ADJ3 administration* (mp)
Pharmac* ADJ50 automation*
Pharmac* adj50 robot*
3Hospital (mp)
Ward (mp)
4Patient safety (exp)
(Patient OR medication OR drug) adj3 safet* (mp)
Safety management (exp)
(Safety OR medication) adj3 management (mp)
Medication errors (exp)
Medical errors (exp)
(Medication OR Medical) error* (mp)
Outcome* (mp)
Benefit* (mp)
Cost* (mp)
Cost and Cost analysis (exp)
Saving* (mp)
Security (mp)
Time (mp) or (exp)
51 AND 2 AND 3 AND 4
6limit five to yr=2005-current
7limit language to English