Table 2

Economic data on closed system drug transfer devices from studies that reported cost estimates

ReferenceCSTDCostsCosts savingCHEERS criteriaLimitations
Massoomi et al (2008)
PhaSealEstimated costsUS$16/doseNot evaluatedNot evaluatedNACosts not detailed.
No control group.
Conflicts of interest not specified.
Mullot et al (2008)
Estimated costs: acquisition costs, sterilisation costs, volume of waste, preparation timePhaseal:
€156 000/year (for ~24 400 preparations)
€160 000/year (for 24 400 preparations)
Not evaluatedNot evaluated8/24Costs and costs per dose not detailed.
No control group without CSTD.
Rowe et al (2012)
PhaSealNot evaluatedNot evaluatedExtension of BUDUS$385 444/6 months10/24Costs not detailed.
Theoretical reported savings.
No control group.
Conflict of interest: Carmel Pharma
Juhasz (2016)
Tevadaptor (compared with conventional system)Not evaluatedNot evaluatedEstimated savings by extension of BUDCentre 1: €13 529/3 months
Centre 2: €4199.82/
3 months
13/24Acquisition costs not evaluated.
Forte Pérez-Minayo et al (2016)
SmartSite Vented Phial Access Device
SmartSite VialShield Closed Access Device
Estimated costs€105 600/year (if CSTD used for all preparations,~24 000 preparations)
€42 560/year (if CSTD used for selected preparations, 4300 preparations)
Not evaluatedNot evaluated6/24Costs and costs per dose not detailed.
Use of a single component of the CSTD (awl)*.
No comparison with a conventional system.
Calzado-Gómez et al (2017)
Phaseal, Smartsite, Carefusion VM04, Hospira Clave CH70, Hospira Clave CH74, Fresenius Extraspike, Chemo V Minispike, ChemoAideEstimated acquisition costs, drug lossBetween €5.57 (Carefusion) and €8.44/preparation (Hospira)
Between €255 668/year (Phaseal) and
€544 808/year (Chemo V Minispike)
Up to 0.78 mL lost/phial
Not evaluatedNot evaluated12/24No control group without CSTD.
Conflicts of interest not specified.
  • *Awl: perforator

  • BUD, beyond-use date; CHEERS, Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards; CSTD, closed system transfer device; NA, not applicable.