Table 1

Studies meeting eligibility criteria for the systematic review examining characteristics of enquirers and enquiries to patient medicines helpline services

First author, year publishedStudy sourceStudy designCountry of studyData collection year/s (weeks/months) *Number of enquiriesOutcomes
Adam, 200445 CARREEngland2003 (1 week)90XX
Badiani, 201713 PS-PRRREEngland2015 (9 months)637X
Bramley, 201412 PS-PRRREUnited Kingdom2009 (12 months)312XX
Bruce, 199546 PS-BRRREScotland1994–1995 (12 months)111X
Burgess, 200947 CARREEngland2008 (1 month)17X
Cooke, 201048 CARREEngland2009–2010 (NR)56X
Cuthbert, 201326 CARREScotlandNR (6 weeks)18XX
Dhillon, 200122 PS-PRRREEnglandNR (3 months)109XX
Dugdale, 201849 CARREEngland2016–2017 (24 months)538X
Hynes, 201325 CARREEngland2011–2012 (12 months)209X
Jones, 201427 CARREEngland2012–2014 (NR)234X
Law, 201528 CARREEngland2015 (4 months)109X
Martin, 201450 LERREWales2012–2013 (12 months)262XX
Marvin, 201123 PS-PRRREEngland2008 (6 months)500X
Price, 201121 CARREEngland2010–2011 (NR)51X
Raynor, 19949 PS-BRRREEnglandNR (NR)NRX
Sims, 199651 CARREEnglandNR (NR)>1000†X
Teli, 200152 CARREEngland1999 (NR)NRXX
Williams, 199424 PS-PRRREEngland1993 (NR)170XX
  • *Of the included studies, the data collection period ranged from 1 week to 12 months (mean=approximately 31 weeks; seven studies did not report the data collection period length).

  • †This study reported their sample size as 'over 1000'.

  • CA, conference abstract; LE, letter to the editor; NR, not reported; PS-BR, study published as a brief report; PS-PR, published study in a peer reviewed journal; RRE, retrospective review of enquiries.