Table 3

Economic data on closed system drug transfer devices from studies that reported both actual and estimated costs

ReferenceCSTDCostsCosts savingCHEERS criteriaLimitations
Edward et al (2013)
PhasealAcquisition costUS$106 557/yearExtension of BUD
Estimated annual cost
US$96 349
/50 days
US$703 047
The average waste avoidance per phial was 29%
10/24Acquisition costs and costs per dose not detailed.
Conventional system: drugs discarded immediately after first use (overestimates savings).
Conflicts of interest: funding from Celgene, Millennium and Seattle Genetics.
Barny et al 2015
Phaseal (compared with conventional system)Acquisition costs, preparation time, ganciclovir costsPhaseal: €39.04±37.26
Conventional system: €34.19±11.39/preparation
Estimated savings by extension of BUD€4.62 (2 days extension) €11.64/preparation (7 days extension),10/24Costs not detailed.
Conflict of interest: thanks to Becton Dickinson.
González-Haba et al 2016
(eight combinations tested)
Acquisition costs, preparation time, estimated annual costBetween €4.46 and €8.52/dose
Between 41.0 and 77.0 s/dose
Estimated savings if not all parts of the system are used€1.03/dose
6/24Acquisition costs not detailed.
No control group without CSTD.
Simulated preparations.
Conflicts of interest not specified.
Chan et al 2016
Phaseal (compared with conventional system)Acquisition costs (CSTD +other consumables), drug costs, estimated cost per dose, estimated annual cost
Estimated costs for conventional system.
US$92072/3 months
US$23106/3 months (acquisition costs only)
US$40.92/preparation US$368289/year
Conventional system:
US$83155/3 months
US$6988/3 months (acquisition costs only)
Extension of BUD10.5% of drug costs11/24Costs per dose for conventional system not detailed.
Conflict of interest: Becton Dickinson provided information.
  • BUD, beyond-use date; CHEERS, Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards; CSTD, closed system transfer device.