Table 4

Reason for enquiries reported in studies examining patient medicines helpline services

Enquiry categoryNumbers and percentages of studies reporting the specified category as the primary reason for enquiries
Total (n=15)Range of reported percentages of enquiries (mean; WM)Sample size range (total N)
Adverse effects69 24 25 45 52 53 21%–46% (33%; 37%)56–209 (at least 525*)
Administration or dosage521 28 46 49 50 21%–52% (37%; 34%)49–538 (1058)
Interactions123 22%500
Appropriateness or safety of medicines113 50%637
Indications, efficacy or mechanisms of action151 34%At least 1000†
Insufficient information on hospital discharge letter112 24%413
  • Enquiry categories are listed according to the number of studies within each category. There may be overlap between some enquiry categories, since study authors did not use exactly the same categories.

  • *Two of the six studies did not report their sample size.

  • †This study reported their sample size as 'over 1000'.

  • WM, weighted mean (weighted by sample size).