Table 2

Characteristics of the four aspirin tablets included in the study

Dispersible Aspirin (Aspar)Bayer Chewable (Bayer)Disprin (Reckitt Benckiser)Aspirin (Bayer)
Weight (g)*0.150±0.0030.228±0.0020.473±0.0030.597±0.003
Dimensions, diameter × height (mm)†7.03×2.908.00×4.2512.80×2.7012.06×4.90
pH of dispersed tablet‡4.603.024.962.84
Friability (%)§0.44 (n=42)0.07 (n=29)0.84 (n=14)0.11 (n=11)
Disintegration time (s)¶31 (25–38)34 (26–40)30 (23–35)6 (5–10)
Tensile strength (N/mm2)**1.45 (1.26–1.62)1.58 (1.21–1.78)1.22 (1.03–1.36)0.87 (0.78–0.93)
  • *Mean (g)±SD (n=8).

  • †Mean, n=3; SD% <1.5%.

  • ‡pH of one tablet suspended in 10 mL purified water (n=1); pH of purified water: 6.28±0.61 (average±SD) (n=7).

  • §Per cent lost on friability testing (PhEur 9.2) (n, according to PhEur).

  • ¶Average time (s) to disintegrate (n=6) (low–high).

  • **Calculated from breaking strength (N), diameter (mm) and height (mm). Average values are given (n=10) (low–high).

  • PhEur, European Pharmacopoeia.