Table 2

Clinical efficacy results

Group 1
Group 2
P value
Mortality at 90 days10.7%18.6%5.0%0.048
Mortality at 30 days9.4%15.6%4.9%0.093
Clinical improvement at 6 days24.1%28.9%20.6%0.323
Length of hospital stay (days)*14 (10–25)11 (9–18)15 (11–28)0.044
% of patients with radiological improvement after 10 days*67.9%71.4%65.3%0.554
Admission to the ICU after tocilizumab†14.6%15.0%14.3%0.922
Length of stay in ICU (days)16 (11–28)18 (11–28)13 (11–23)0.600
  • 6-day efficacy results are based on patients with follow-up at the indicated period.

  • *Excluding patients transferred to other centres or deaths.

  • †Excluding patients who were already in the ICU at the time of administration.