Table 2

Cumulative RPN values at the start and at the end of the study, main additional risk reducing measures at the end of the study and improvement ratio

Hospital number
StartMain additional risk reduction for each source of risk at the end of the studyEndImprovement ratio (RPN2/RPN1)
Cumulative RPN (RPN1)Yearly audit of each operatorAirWorktop, walls, ceilingSMDAmpoules and vialsHands and forearm of the operatorWorking proceduresCumulative RPN (RPN2)
Quarterly non-viable particle counting at restCorrect position materialsDisinfection registered in a logIncreased frequency worktop disinfectionWrapped SMD gripped by gloved hands onlySterile padLow surface bioburden before disinfectionImproved disinfection techniqueValidated disinfection techniqueMonitoring after disinfectionImproved additional disinfection of critical spotsCheck of glove damageGood putting on techniqueGlove disinfection before start and every 15 minSterile sleevesAccurate and up to date SOPsNon-touch working is a major topic during auditsPrevention of blocking first air is a major topic during audits
  • +, additional risk reduction implemented; −, additional risk reduction not implemented.

  • *Continuous particle counting

  • †Double gloved hands

  • ‡Frequent glove disinfection started at the end of 2019.

  • End, cumulative RPN after the final assessment; RPN, risk prioritisation number; SMD, sterile medical device; Start, cumulative RPN after the initial audit.