Table 1

Numbers of COVID-19 patients, prescriptions and pharmaceutical interventions, University Hospital of Strasbourg, France

All targeted medicationsLopinavir/
Number of patients278* 76140†152†
Baseline patients characteristicsMean (SD) age: 59.9±14.8 years
Female n=112 (40.3%), male n=166 (59.7 %); sex ratio 1.5
Number of prescriptions analysed/total number of prescriptions483/68679/86214/290190/310
Number of patients with PIs*5321266
Baseline characteristics of the patients with PIsMean (SD) age: 58.0±14.6 years
Female n=18 (34.0%), male n=35 (66.0 %); sex ratio 1.9
  • *From 1193 patients hospitalised in standard care units.

  • †77 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin combination.

  • PIs, pharmaceutical interventions.