Table 1

Evaluation of stability data for amiodarone suspension

CitationDesignConcentrationVehicleResults: shelf life (temp)Reviewer’s conclusion
Nahata and Pai 24 Stability5 mg/mLMethylcellulose 1% and syrup7 days in the refrigeratorShelf life insufficient
Nahata 25 Stability5 mg/mLMethylcellulose 1% and syrup (1:1)91 days in refrigerator and 42 days at room temperatureIngredients available. Stability acceptable
Nahata et al 13 Stability5 mg/mLOra-sweet and Ora-plus (1:1)
Ora-sweet SF and Ora-plus (1:1)
5% sodium bicarbonate
91 days in the refrigerator.
The sample at room temperature was stable for 42–56 days
Ingredients available. Stability acceptable
Alexander and Thyagarajapuram 26 Stability20 mg/mLCarboxymethylcellulose
Veegum sucrose provided as simple syrup; and aqueous strawberry concentrate as flavour
Room temperature 193.4 days and refrigerator 677.3 daysIngredients not available