Table 2

Characteristics of amikacin samples and patients with amikacin concentration measurements

CharacteristicsN (%)*
Male39 (73.6)
Age, median (range), years60 (10–92)
Prescribed amikacin using course, median (range), days13.06 (2–98)
Patients’ clinical location at the time of sampling
 Inpatient117 (96.7)
 Outpatient4 (3.3)
Indication for sample measurement†
 Impaired renal function23 (43.4)
 Elderly people (>65 years old)23 (43.4)
 Combination medication46 (86.8)
Amikacin concentration type
 Peak concentration55 (45.5)
 Trough concentration62 (51.2)
 Unknown4 (3.3)
Amikacin prescribing decisions after amikacin concentration
 Unchanged7 (13.2)
 Increased dose rate2 (3.8)
 Decreased dose rate5 (9.4)
 Multiple dose adjustment2 (3.8)
 Change to other antibacterial drugs25 (47.2)
 Ceased after the symptoms of infection subsided12 (22.6)
  • There was a total of 53 patients and 121 amikacin samples.

  • *Unless otherwise specified.

  • †Most patients had multiple indications for amikacin sample measurement and we counted the quantity of each type separately.