Table 1

Demographic characteristics of the patients

VariableEnrolled patients (n=83)
Mean±SD age, years50.0±18.7
Male sex, n (%)58 (69.9%)
Female sex, n (%)25 (30.1%)
Mean±SD body weight, kg62.0±9.2
Total daily dose of VPA, mg872.3±355.8
VPA concentration, μg/mL56.3±26.1
Patients with VPA concentration <50 µg/mL*36
Patients with VPA concentration >100 µg/mL*0
CDRV (mg/L per g/kg/day)4.3±1.9
  • *The valproic acid reference range is 50~100 µg/mL.21

  • CDRV, concentration-to-dose ratio of VPA; VPA, valproic acid.