Table 2

Overview of the average individual area percentages (mean %) compared with the bevacizumab PF-06439535 peak*

Time point/storage conditionsSide peak 1
(RT about 7.7 min)
Side peak 2
(RT about 8.1 min)
Side peak 3
(RT about 12.2 min)
Mean %Mean %Mean %
D0/2–8°C unopened0.0592.8690.635
D2/2–8°C opened0.0613.0311.449
D2/25°C opened0.0523.0031.436
D4/2–8°C opened0.0502.8871.380
D4/25°C opened0.0522.9401.355
D8/2–8°C opened0.0452.9061.435
D8/25°C opened0.0482.9931.325
D8/2–8°C unopened0.0432.9231.450
D8/25°C unopened0.0483.0171.361
  • *The bevacizumab PF-06439535 peak was determined from triplicate measurements of 3 opened vials at each test condition (D0, D2, D4, D8 at 2–8°C and 25°C, respectively), and for 3 unopened vials for D8 at 2–8°C and 25°C, respectively. Mean % represents the average individual area percentage of the respective side peak compared with the PF-06439535 peak.

  • D0, day 0 (start); D2, day 2; D4, day 4; D8, day 8; RT, retention time.