Table 1

Spreadsheet template headings

(A) MOITT Template
PNADMeds RecMedicine conversation on admissionFollow-upDischarge conversationDischarge dateTTA sent to GPMeds Rec on dischargeCommunity pharmacy contacted
XXDD/MM/YYDD/MM/YYDD/MM/YYFail to engageUnexpected dischargeXX/DD/YYYY
(B) MOCAP template
PN Meds & Dr plan (WR) MHA status MOT care plan Interventions PHM Comments/ learning Discharge Date last updated
  • AD, admission date; MHA, Mental Health Act; MOCAP, Medicines Optimisation Care Plan; MOITT, Medicines Optimisation Interventions Tracking Tool; MOT, Medicines Optimisation Team; PHM, physical health monitoring; PN, patient name; Meds Rec, medicines reconciliation; TTA, to take away medication; WR, ward round.