Table 1

Descriptive analysis of the clinical enquiries received at hospital vaccination centres and the public vaccination centre

CategoryHospital vaccination centres (n=806)Public vaccination centre (n=439)Enquiry examples: to assess suitability to receive COVID-19 vaccine
Frequency (%)Enquiries per 1000 people vaccinated (n)Frequency (%)Enquiries per 1000 people vaccinated (n)
Allergies351 (44)12.1201 (46)6.9‘I had a previous anaphylactic reaction to penicillin.’
‘I have a peanut allergy and carry an Epipen.’
Immunosuppression152 (19)5.242 (10)1.4‘I am taking prednisolone.’
‘I am a HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) positive patient.’
Compatibility with other medicines*148 (18)5.1120 (27)4.1‘I am taking Warfarin, my INR is currently 1.9.’
‘I have received the flu vaccine last week.’
Comorbidities52 (7)1.831 (7)1.1‘I am a diabetic patient and I take insulin.’
‘I have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Epilepsy.’
Breast feeding36 (4)1.25 (1)0.2‘I am currently breastfeeding.’
Acute illness (including COVID-19 infection)21 (3)0.726 (5)0.9‘I have just completed an antibiotic course for a Urinary Tract Infection. I feel well in myself.’
‘I was tested positive for the COVID-19 virus 27 days ago, I currently feel fine and have no further symptoms.’
Conception20 (2)0.75 (1)0.2‘I am actively trying to conceive.’
‘I am planning to get pregnant next year.’
Pregnancy18 (2)0.62 (1)0.1‘I am currently 16 weeks pregnant.’
’I have missed my last menstrual cycle but do not think I am pregnant.’
Other8 (1)0.37 (2)0.2‘Can I have alcohol after the vaccine?’ ‘Can you get the COVID-19 virus from receiving the vaccine?’
Total number of vaccinations28 99529 167
  • *Compatibility with other medicines: anticoagulants (31%); other vaccines (11%); antiplatelets (10%); biologics (9%); antimicrobials (5%); other (34%).