EAHP Statement 5: Patient Safety and Quality Assurance

Assessment of the stability of citrate-buffered flucloxacillin for injection when stored in two commercially available ambulatory elastomeric devices: INfusor LV (Baxter) and Accufuser (Woo Young Medical): a study compliant with the NHS Yellow Cover Document (YCD) requirements

Michael Charles Allwood, Donata Stonkute, Andrew Wallace, Alan-Shaun Wilkinson, Tim Hills, Conor Jamieson, on behalf of the BSAC Drug Stability Working Party, Mark Gilchrist, Mark Santillo, Andrew Seaton


September 18, 2018

The economic burden of metastatic breast cancer in Spain

Begoña Bermejo de las Heras, Javier Cortes Ramon y Cajal, Elena Galve Calvo, Juan de la Haba Rodriguez, Jesus Garcia Mata, Fernando Moreno Anton, Ignacio Pelaez Fernandez, Alvaro Rodriguez-Lescure, Cesar A Rodriguez Sanchez, Manuel Ruiz-Borrego, Edit Remak, Magdolna Barra, Maria Rivero, Javier Soto Alvarez


July 30, 2018