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GM-014 Initiating drug management at socio-sanitary centres from a hospital pharmacy service
  1. R Sanchez del Moral,
  2. MM Romero Alonso,
  3. J Estaire Gutierrez,
  4. MA Bolivar Raya
  1. Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Huelva, Pharmacy, Huelva, Spain


Background New regulations about residential social-sanitary centres (SSC) state that more those with more than 50 beds should be linked to the Andalusian Health System Hospital Pharmacy Service that corresponds to their health district.

Purpose To analyse the requirements for initiating drug management at SSC from a hospital based pharmacy service.

Material and methods A descriptive cross sectional study was initiated in September 2016 to analyse how best to organise the management of drugs in a new work setting. This new activity was created to adapt to the 512/2015 decree on pharmaceutical provision at SSC in Andalusia, to comply with the 16/2012 real decree (20 April) on emergency measures to guarantee sustainability in the National Health Service and to improve quality and safety in drug provision.

Results An SSC was chosen to pilot this activity is a public health centre with 150 beds of which 50.6% were occupied. Of those occupying beds, 48% were residents requiring assistance and the rest were autonomous. Staff at the centre consisted of 1 doctor, 18 nursing assistants and 3 SSC staff personnel. The activities that the hospital pharmacy service had to undertake on behalf of this new work setting were: (1) procedures for the supply, storing, distribution, availability and administration of drugs; (2) instructions for the conservation, access, availability and relocation of drugs (including narcotics, psychotropic drugs and other drugs requiring strict control); (3) preparation of drugs in single doses; (4) pharmaceutical care protocols for the detection and monitoring of drug related problems; (5) a data system for the management of prescriptions, dispensing and monitoring of pharmaceutical interventions; and (6) a contingency plan for emergency situations. We have held two meetings since the start of October, with centre managers and clinical practitioners, with more meetings scheduled as the process continues.

Conclusion Pharmaceutical care at the SSC is fundamental for compliance with decree 512/2015, as well as a more efficient management of drug related resources. On initiation, it is vital to analyse and itemise all aspects of implementation in order to study the critical points of this new activity. For hospital pharmacists in Andalusia, this is a new field of professional activity.

References and/or acknowledgements Decree 512/2015. Real decree 16/2012.

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