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GM-025 Evidence about the roles and impact of pharmacists: an action plan of interventions to increase pharmacist awareness about these evidences
  1. A Barbier1,
  2. R Lessard-Hurtubise1,
  3. F Pettersen-Coulombe1,
  4. M Jaatoul1,
  5. JF Bussières1,2
  1. 1Hôpital Sainte-Justine, Pharmacie, Montréal, Canada
  2. 2Université de Montréal, Faculté de Pharmacie, Montréal, Canada


Background Pharmacy practice is challenged by governments and authorities regarding the costs of pharmaceutical services and available public funding. There is a growing body of evidences on the roles and impact of pharmacists. There are a limited number of pharmacists that are aware of the evidence.

Purpose To describe an action plan of interventions that should increase pharmacists’ awareness about evidence on the roles and impact of pharmacists.

Material and methods This was a descriptive study. A literature search was conducted on Pubmed with the following terms: interventions, professional behaviour and evaluation. Only systematic reviews on the effectiveness of interventions to change healthcare professional behaviour were included. Based on the literature and using a mind mapping technique, we developed a map of the characteristics of interventions that can change professional behaviours. Using the map, we discussed and identified the potential interventions that could be implemented to increase pharmacists’ awareness about evidence on the roles and impact of pharmacists. The action plan was discussed between research team members and interventions were selected by consensus.

Results A total of 15 interventions were identified. The interventions were meant to target different audiences (eg, regulatory authority, professional associations, pharmacists, physicians, nurses, pharmacy students, healthcare decision makers, general public). Intervention characteristics were identified, including face to face or at distance, oral or written, at school, at work, at home or in public areas, performed once or repeated many times, with or without feedback. To increase pharmacists’ awareness, we identified 20 key messages based on Impact Pharmacie platform. Interventions included in the action plan were: dedicated courses and short internship within the pharmacy curriculum, specific conferences at key events, booths, quiz at professional meetings, surveys/audits for targeted groups, educational outreach in retail and hospital pharmacies using key documents, pyramidal dissemination through ambassadors, weekly blogs and social medias, formal support from different professional organisations, research projects with published abstracts and articles, videos, etc. Based on the literature review, multifaceted interventions should be prioritised whenever possible.

Conclusion This study described the 15 interventions of an action plan that should increase pharmacists’ awareness about evidence on the roles and impact of pharmacists.

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